Visual Studio C++ IDE settings

Or makefiles to anyone else…

Two main sections. There is the IDE settings themselves and also the projects Configuration Properties. Note that debugging is in with the IDE and not with the compiler configuration.

IDE Settings

Menu -> Tools -> Options…


Scroll Bars: Use map mode for vertical scroll bar, Wide


General -> Enable Just My Code (Turn off for stepping through the STL implementation.

Configuration Properties

These can also be set via putting all the values in a .props file. More on that later.

Menu -> Project -> Properties

Only use x64 (Debug and Release).

C/C++ -> Language -> C++ Language Standard -> ISO C++ 17 Standard (/std:c++17)

C/C++ -> General -> Warning Level -> EnableAllWarnings (/Wall)

C/C++ -> General -> Additional Include Directories -> “C:\…\cpp\include”

C/C++ -> General -> Treat Warnings as Errors -> Yes (/WX)

C/C++ Precompiled Headers -> Not Using Precompiled Headers

TODO: Lots of other changes to get a minimal command line. I would like to justify each option. Currently at this:

/ifcOutput "x64\Debug\"