South Bank Street Art

I went into London to see the world premier of ‘The Book of Clarence (2023)‘ at the London Film Festival.

The trip into London allowed for some extra time to wander the South Bank and check out the street art.

The Book of Clarence (2023)

The director Jeymes Samuel did a short talk before the film started. I was pleasantly surprised and can recommend it. You can see my review of the film on my Letterboxd social.

Leake Street Arches

I started at Leake Street Arches where graffiti and street art is legal. The road runs under Waterloo Station and does not smell that good, but the art is amazing. Here are a few of what I saw on the day. The painting happens all the time so anytime you go it will be a unique experience.


There were several large pieces, but this is the one I liked the most due to the lighting. Check out other by the same artist on his instagram account here.

String Art by Perspicere

I love this sort of thing as it feels like getting something out of the ether. Humm, that reminds me of Permutation City by Greg Egan.

More photos of his work can be found on his Instagram, State of the Art and here.

This was interesting as I had only just watched the mathematical version of what he does. Check this approach out as well.

Chris or Mike? Does anyone know who this is?

I encountered a street marketeer. She was putting up posters around the skating area on the South Bank. She told me the artist name but I can remember it now?

Lunch with STIK

Another Street Artist – STIK. This one I got to look at while having a ramen lunch.

Ben Wilson

Then on to the Millennium Bridge (which I have still not walk across) to try to take some reflection photos of St Paul’s. However, none of those worked. I did start talking to two women who were looking intently at the ground!? They were finding small art pieces by Ben Wilson. He paints discarded and hardened chewing gum around London. The works *in* the Millennium Bridge are great as they cover several of the metal ridges.

This was only a bit of what is down there. I missed getting into the Tate Modern, and did not have enough time to check the actual art galleries. It is clearly a great place to go back.

If you want to see other photos I took that day, check them out here.

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